Arsenal want our Gabby and a quick question

This is late today as I've only just got home after leaving extremely early this morning and I apologise. But, imagine my horror when I read a report that Arsenal are interested in Gabby! Don't worry though, after quickly popping into the BBC Gossip page, I find out that it is only if Gabby 'has a strong finish to the season'.

So, that then puts the rumour to bed. I'm just playing, but we've not really had a good full season from Gabby, so chances of it happening this one must be slim. Actually, scrap that, the lad has talent and he is going to come good soon. It might not be this season, but he has a huge carrot to do it this season and I think it might.

Now, this is just speculation, so I shouldn't even be thinking about it but every player has a price and there are not many players currently at our club, if any, that wouldn't jump at the chance to play in an Arsene Wenger team.

Arsenal play beautiful football and they create chances and any striker would love to be in that position. They also fight and they are determined but if anything, that is where they maybe lack a little bite and maybe why they've not won the league since 2003/04 season. However, if they pull off another transfer like that of Andrei Arshavin last January, this January, then they could be the surprise package this season.

You'd have to be brave to bet against Chelsea or Manchester United, even this early in the season, but Arsenal really are a good team and they can not be written off, not like Liverpool anyway.

First question of the day then; would Gabby want to go play at Arsenal or do you think he'd stay?

But, it is speculation and as such it is just getting a quick mention. What isn't speculation, is the football match this weekend and Spurs are going to be full of confidence for this one and I fancy this is going to be a great match and the reason why I mention it, because I'm looking forward to it.

We clearly do well against the teams that come at us, as we are good at soaking it up and we are quick on the counter, but teams that sit back and play football against us seem to do well. I can't see how this match is going to play out, I just have a good feeling about it.

So, with the match coming up and the preview tomorrow, I'm going to ask for your predictions, so go answer the quick question to the right somewhere, I'll be using the results tomorrow.

For now, time to get a beer.