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Arsenal show Aston Villa what football is all about. McLeish excuses coming up

I'm not sure about this, but did we have a shot on target in ninety minutes? Or let me put it another way; did we force the keeper into making a save? You'd think I would know, because it happens so rarely these days, but I can't remember.

It is sad. Aston Villa were a great club once. Now we are looked on as a club going nowhere, very quickly, with an inept manager, that football fans from many teams wonder why he was appointed in the first place.

It isn't just our supporters that wonder this; it is becoming a footballing joke. I actually think that Paul Faulkner lost a game of poker and the stakes were that he had to appoint McLeish the manager. What I mean is, he is the CEO of a Premier League club, surely he has to know something and have some amount of intelligence and I believe he has, so there must be another reason why we appointed this muppet.

He was never going to lose today

If you didn't already know or get it from the post above, yes, we lost today. Arsenal scored twice in the first half and it was enough (they got a third in the last minute or two). We even started the second half with ten men behind the ball, chasing two goals. But we were never really chasing. We don't under this manager.

But the thing is, the result doesn't matter. We were always going to struggle today and because it is Arsenal, some are going to write it off as 'it was always going to happen' and that is wrong. That is a cancer. We are Aston Villa and we went out with no fight today. We went out to lose.

And you might think that harsh, but by not going out to win, it is all that is left.

Alex McLeish has to go and the club need to appoint a man with a footballing philosophy who plays the modern game, the way it should be. We've got a third rate manager and because of that, we are playing football that could get us relegated one day (it wont happen this season, so don't worry about that just now).

So, after that dire performance, I'm going to leave you. I'm going to drink beer and watch Wigan play like Barcelona at Anfield. I hear Liverpool were poor or Wigan were fantastic. Should be a good game.