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Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 1: Back in the bottom three

Well, it was just one of those days. We didn't play for a draw but we never really threatened, but that isn't because of lack of effort. You could even say the final result was predictable.

But, we are trying to play football the right way and we look so much better playing four at the back and maybe with Vlaar in the team the result would have been different. Maybe not.

But we are back in the bottom three and there are only eleven games to go. Things are looking desperate and we're now starting to rely on results going our way as well as hoping we get lucky. Not a nice place to be.

But and I need to stress this, we do want to play the right way, it's just maybe the quality of player we have are not ready for it yet. I'm not saying they wont one day be ready but they're not all ready yet.

Bottom three

And this is going to become a theme over the next few weeks because the truth is we've dug this hole for ourselves and even decided to jump in and make it our home.

We also took a holiday during January when we could have strengthened and instead decided not to. If we dont get out of this mess we have nobody else to blame.

Manchester City up next. Who fancies our chances?

The players

Guzan, Clark, Bennett, Baker, Lowton, N'Zogbia (Dawkins - 82' ), Westwood (El Ahmadi - 72' ), Delph, Gabby, Benteke and Weimann.