Apologies from me, brief news and a promise

First up, apologies. I've been a bit busy the last couple of days so I've not posted. At the same time, there is not that much to post about that you haven't probably read on the club site or in the paper. I'm not going to regurgitate it for you. You're a smart bunch and I'm not clever enough to make it sound any more interesting that it already wasn't.

I'm apologising also because I've not put up the final two questions for the team of our generation. I am however putting the lists together now and we are tightening the voting process as one person thought it funny, or maybe even smart, to vote for John Gregory 300 times as the manager of the team and Ugo Ehiogu to partner Paul McGrath.

So, after deleting all the votes from that person, we have locked it down that you can only vote once and we are locking it down on your IP number.

News in brief

Talk is that Ipswich are going to sign Habib Beye on loan today - it might happen, it might not. We will find out. It might have already happened, I'm not at the races today.

We beat Leeds last night in the FA Youth Cup 2-0 and all things look good for another young group of players coming through - will I ever get bored of writing that? I doubt it.

Lastly, if you didn't know, there is no football this weekend. I'm taking the wife away for a shopping trip, but I'm bringing my phone and laptop so if anything happens, you will be in the loop and this next bit is a promise; tomorrow you will have the final votes for the team of our generation. If not tonight.