Anyone for Lambert bingo?

Somebody said it really quite well last night in the comments; if you don't think we're in trouble, West Ham were 18th on Saturday and above us on Tuesday.

And we are in trouble. And despite my blind optimism that things are going to get better, I'm starting to think they wont under this manager. Even if I'm trying to convince myself the football was okay last night, it felt as if some of the players were just going through the motions.

Cardiff are in the bottom three and are there for a reason and we failed last night. And despite what the manager says about chances to win. The fact is, we didn't win.

And, If you switched everything below to the opposite i.e. for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer you made it Paul Lambert, second half you made first half and Cardiff you made Aston Villa, it would work.

I am frustrated. I thought in the second half we had enough chances to win it and David Marshall, who I knew up at Celtic, has kept them in it, he has made two world class saves.

But Cardiff have beaten some really good teams here. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a good side after taking over from Malky Mackay and it is a hard place to come, although I still think we should have won the game.

Lambert bingo

There is also a game now about what the manager will say after the match. We had enough chances to win it was mentioned by a few last night before his comments. It's not really that unbelievable that some got it right either.

We've got Newcastle, Norwich, Manchester City, Chelsea, Stoke and Manchester United coming up and while I could write that we should do well against the teams that will come at us, I think all of those can score against us and I'm not sure we'll have enough to score as many as they do.

Maybe Norwich and Stoke are matches we should see ourselves as having a chance, but as I look at it now, I think I'd be happy with a point against both of those sides and maybe a point at Newcastle.

But what does anyone care. Lerner doesn't and there is talk that Lambert is going to be rewarded for mediocrity. Hell, I'd love that.