An invitation to Paul Lambert

I don't know what is going on at Aston Villa at the moment. It appears we have some decent players and there are glimpses of good football, but it doesn't shine through and results sort of suggest that whatever is happening isn't working.

The manager often refers to his job as a project also. But it's easy to just say project without going into details. I'd like to know more.

I also have this firm belief that it will get better, just like it did last season but I am, like many of you, frustrated with how things are right now.

And I got a message this morning that two Aston Villa players were out at a strip club at 4am this morning and it just wound me up. This is why I'm inviting Paul Lambert, to a Google Hangout On Air. And this is the invitation, but we'll also be making him aware in lots of other ways.

The point of this is we as supporters want to ask him questions, but we don't want these questions to be censored by the club and we don't want him to run away from tough questions (I've heard stories of him simply refusing to answer questions from journalists) and we want you to ask questions also - the best ones will be asked and we'll dig into them also, so we might not accept the first canned response.

So, the hangout is scheduled and you can join it if you want. We don't know if Paul Lambert will attend, but we know he knows how to use a computer and we'd like to think he isn't going to shy away from answering a few questions. I guess what I'm saying is, I'd like to think he could handle it.

So, details can be found here and you can ask your questions and hopefully he'll say yes. If he doesn't join (and many people at the club know how to get in contact with me), we'll assume something and leave it at that, but for clarity we can say it's not going to be us having a pop at him, but the questions will be tough, reasoned and structured.

Over to you Mr Lambert - want to connect with supporters?