Am I the only one embarrassed by the Aston Villa hit long and hope style of football?

There is little to write about last night, it happened slightly differently than expected, but the end result was the same.

In the first half, we put everyone behind the ball apart from Benteke and defended on our 18 yard box like a pub team and Arsenal scored two goals, very quickly. In fairness, because of the way we played, they never got the chance to leave fourth gear, but they were always going to score.

In the second half, it was like they were playing up a hill in second gear. We had more of the ball, but not as much as many of you might think. We ended the game with 36% possession.

We got a late goal back through a very nice diving header from Benteke, but then Arsenal moved to third gear and threatened to go back to fourth if needed. They didn't need the extra last night because we didn't set out to win and they always knew they could move up if needed.

And you know what, had I written that last year, I'd have got stick for it, but we're a season and a half in and the manager looks devoid of ideas. He really does have to sort this and judging by the speculation, he's not and he can't.

There is something happening right now

And that's it from last night because a rumour started to develop and that particular rumour ended up on 32 year old Wigan striker Grant Holt. Oh, save me now.

And judging by what I'm reading, the manager is trying to do it. Does someone, anyone at the club, not know what is going on? It's not because he's 32 years old or because he can't get into the Wigan side, or that he's only scored two goals for them in the Championship.

Even though those reasons would be good enough for pretty much every other Premier League manager, it's none of those.

It's the fact that he's just indicating to everyone exactly how he wants to play. We have two strikers that this manager has purchased that are sitting on the bench. We don't need another one to hit long too.

Paul Lambert got Norwich promoted. In fairness, he nearly relegated us last season. This season we're only five points above the relegation zone and the football is poor and we're missing a two central midfielders and we're pinning our hopes on an injured defender that will probably not be that good.

Am I the only one that is embarrassed by the football we are playing?

And yes, that is the right word. When did we become a side to so regularly just raise the white flag and give up before the whistle and then when we are playing, play with no direction and no belief. When did it become fashionable again to play hit and hope football?

Regardless of who else comes in during this window; if Grant Holt comes in, it only goes to show that this manager doesn't have a clue and this is his only way of playing. It simply isn't good enough for Aston Villa and if he doesn't know this then I'm sad to write this, it might be that he has to go.

He isn't changing anything and all we're getting from him is the same type of football we got under O'Neill, only he doesn't have the cash to buy better players and even if Lerner did provide the cash, we all know that that style of football only takes you so far.

The football has to change and we shouldn't be bringing in players like Grant Holt. It's a waste of time, money, confirmation that mistakes have been made and confirmation that this manager doesn't know how to manage, coach, train or develop. It's a nail in his coffin if Grant Holt comes.