Alex McLeish, you don't know what you're doing

In the second half, when Alex McLeish made a change, pretty much all the away fans at Wigan today sung as one. The song was a simple one but the message was clear as day directed to Alex McLeish and it went something like this; you don't know what you're doing.

The thing is, I'm actually surprised by the result today. I thought we would win by default but I didn't factor in that McLeish would send his team out to not lose and I didn't think we'd be so good at that and only that.

You see, Wigan had probably 65% of the game today, but they didn't force Given into a save until the 93rd minute. That was how well we did at sitting back and making sure we didn't lose.

And you know what, I don't know what to say or write. This manager is simply awful. The players are not playing for him. Sure, they might like him, but any manager would be liked coming in after Houllier who had them working, but they are not playing for him.

It also isn't about this manager just proving some right, he has actually now confirmed beyond any doubt, that he doesn't know how to go win a game. He knows how to sit back, but in this league, you need to have more in your locker and he doesn't have that.

The final score

In ninety minutes we had three shots on target while Wigan had six. That is a shot on target every half an hour - it simply isn't good enough but playing so deep, it's what will happen and why the game ended 0-0.

I want to write something positive about the game and I'm sorry, but I think the away support were spot on today and that is where I should probably leave it.

Man of the match

There is a poll to the right, but I don't know who should get it. Keane wanted it today and it was his last game for us, so that is where my vote is going. You get to decide though.

Darren Bent

A final note before I go and clean my oven; Bent went off in a lot of pain. He fell bad and landed on his ankle - if it is half as bad as how Bent was acting, we might not see him play again this season, but sometimes these things look worse than they are. Keep your fingers crossed.