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African defender, King Carlos, James Milner and the football ceiling

Nothing but rumours today. I could produce something that was slightly opinion based on something slightly relevant to last season and a statistic that had we improved by just a few percent would have meant we didn't let in so many goals and the net result would have been that we finished fourth instead of sixth. But I wont.

Instead, we will look at the rumours and not just ones surrounding Aston Villa today, I'm going to include one that isn't Aston Villa, because it is interesting and does go to show what the game is all about these days.

So, because there really is nothing else, unless you count the new website from King Carlos, we will get straight to the rumours. Fortunately not include Carlos Cuellar although one sort of suggests he will be playing right back again for us next season.

Aston Villa Sunday Speculation

First up; we are interested in an African player. It is a fact that Martin O'Neill has spent millions on one African player so there is every chance he will spend more millions on another. The one mentioned this morning is 19 year old Ghana international centre-back Jonathan Mensah. Scrap ii then; centre back is the only position at the club where we are covered and have some fantastic talent coming through.

Next up is Sunderland are looking at signing Luke Young to ease their shortage of right-backs and increase our shortage of right backs. However, it doesn't really matter as we have King Carlos and while he isn't a right back, I'm happy with him playing at right back for us.

Last rumour today that has something to do with Aston Villa and it is the inevitable James Milner to Manchester City one and I'm starting to think that maybe he won't be going anywhere this summer. I'm starting to think that it might just be that Martin O'Neill isn't going to let the deal happen and will pretty much force/talk Milner into staying for one more season; much like he did with Judas.

Fernando Torres

This is the non Aston Villa rumour. Apparently Manchester City are willing to pay him £200,000 a week for him to play for them but he is going to pick Chelsea over them, because he can win stuff. You see what is happening; the game has hit a ceiling.

When you start paying players £5mn a season and you give them four year contracts - you actually reach a point where money doesn't matter. Liverpool keeping Torres all depends on the net manager and don't know how they will do it and I fancy they should do it before the World Cup.

Some Aston Villa News

It wasn't that I lied above, it was that I started writing this a while ago and since then, I've stumbled on some news, or I should say Google Alerts has stumbled on some news for me.

First up; Andy Marshall has confirmed that he has been released by the club and lastly today, some sad news; Thomas Hitzlsperger has signed for West Ham. There, some more Aston Villa news.