A quick post, a new look and Sunderland tomorrow

I'm just putting up a quick post because as you can see the site looks a little different. We've basically gone and updated everything the way I should have done a few months ago, but not wanting to jump in, I took my time.

More on that at the bottom though; we've got Sunderland tomorrow and while I've not read any of the pre-match PR from either club, you just know that both managers are going to say nice things about each other.

And that means nothing to me. The only thing that matters is that we are back playing Premier League football and this is where it all matters. Okay, maybe not, I'd take us finishing 17th this season if we were to win the League Cup, or even just get into a final, but these games are important.

You could say this game is even more important because of where we find ourselves. You see, winning silverware and going down isn't on the agenda - I'd not take that for anything and with a win on Saturday a possibility, because Martin O'Neill has been found out, we could go level on points with them.

More tomorrow on the match though, I've got to run as not all the pages or buttons are showing as they should be.

League Cup

You all know this, but we got Norwich in the next round. I'm not tempting fate, but this was a good tie for us. I'll say no more on the subject though.

New look blog

Hopefully some of you would have notices the new look. Basically, it's very similar but we're using 'responsive' elements now and this means that whatever device you use to access the site, the site should load for you in a way that makes it easy to navigate.

Comments will be coming over soon - I have to do that after the event and you'll also see it is a new system. You can leave comments as normal, but I'd recommend registering. You don't have to, but you'll see what I mean after a comment or two.

And this is where you come in; suggestions or anything you'd like, please let me know below.