A lot to hope for as it looks like the deal for Aston Villa is done

The takeover of Aston Villa is, if you believe what you read on the BBC, done. I used to believe every word the BBC wrote, but I don't anymore because it has become a bit of a glorified blog. And they know how to write compelling blog posts and they get paid. Pat Murphy has the best job in football; he watches it for free then he blogs about it.

All that aside, it looks done. And alongside our new owner we also have Keith Wyness, Chris Samuelson and Jamie Banfill. You're right, none of us know any of them but all but one have had something to do with football in the past and all but one, I hope, are out for themselves.

As I wrote that I started thinking about all those people that think David Cameron is a rat only out for himself and his cronies. Many of them also think the UK should stay in Europe. What I don't understand is why they think that Cameron, who is apparently only out for himself, would be suggesting we stay in Europe for the good of everyone that lives in the UK if he was only out for himself and his cronies. Do you know what I mean?

These people that have joined or convinced Tony Xia to front or come up with the money are doing it, not for the love of Aston Villa, but for personal gain. Tony Xia, we simply don't know why he is doing it. If he is as wealthy as we're told, then he could be doing it for fun. But we also sort of know he's not as wealthy as he is making out, so it raises concerns.

And no doubt I'll be the only one to have those concerns and for that, I will not be Pat Murphy and be happily paid to blog about anything I'm paid to blog about and if I'm told something I wont just believe it because I'm told. Sorry if that makes some of you think I'm old fashioned.

But this is my Aston Villa and I have a right to feel this way and I have the ability to write. None of the board are Aston Villa fans and we're now entering a shit storm of a season that if we don't get it right, will likely see us stuck in the Championship for some time to come, because you have to remember, the teams relegated next season will have a lot more money to play with and a structure in place. We have bugger all.

Lets hope Tony Xia is right. Lets hope his musketeers are right. Lets hope they got it right with Di Matteo and lets hope everything they have said is true.