A little bit of hope: Brad Guzan signs new Aston Villa deal

Guzan signed a new contract yesterday and he said something that made me smile. I tweeted it and it got a lot of re-tweets, I think mostly because it made Aston Villa supporters smile too.

You see, sometimes, you know something is honest and I suspect what Guzan has said is honest and from the heart. When Stephen Ireland says something, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was saying it because he was told to or because a sponsor was paying him to say it, but not this time.

Brad Guzan was also my player of the season and I for one think it is fantastic that he has committed the next few years of his career to Aston Villa, because he has potentially quite a number of years left.

And if we can start next season like we finished the last one, I think he can get better. But again, like I wrote in the Guzan is my player of the season post, it's an opinion.

Quote of the day

For me, it's an honour and a privilege to play for Aston Villa Football Club and to commit my future long-term.

Aston Villa keeper, Brad Guzan

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