At Wolves and sometimes things are more important

We can't lost today because I don't want that excuse for a manager, living off a fairly average career with one high point, given to him because he got lucky, thinking he's moved on to better things. Nobody of any sense in the game will think he has, but he will. Think about that for a minute.

And it's not just because of him, it is the team too. We have to win and surely the manager will know how important it is. That we don't have any new players in and we're as good as half way through the month is quite a worry and what is even more worrying is that I'm hearing we're wanting to bring in four new players. Is this giving up on this season?

But maybe this week has shown us that there are more important things. Graham Taylor passed away this week and some of us will have fond memories of his time at the Club. He took over just as we were relegated - appointed because he was the right man. He took us up at first time of asking and had us finishing second in the League.

Had the lure of managing England not been what it was back then, he'd possibly have taken us to the very top. Those that do remember that time will know what it's like to believe that anything is possible and for me, that's what football is all about.

So maybe in the grand scheme of things today doesn't really matter. In fact there is no maybe about it, it really doesn't. We've got an owner that talks like he knows football and then acts like he doesn't. We've got a CEO that I have to tell you, I'm starting to think is just there because the owner is off trying to keep whatever he's got going on in China up and running and if truth be told, we've got a large number of supporters that don't know what it can be like supporting Aston Villa and they're happy with that.

But I still don't want that got lucky manager to win and in context, it is very important especially to some of us that hope one day good things will come back. And the thing is, you've got to know what that really is to be able to really hope for it.

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That's it for me. It's important if you want it to be important, but it's more than okay if it isn't for you. I'll be be back just before kick off, with a view to having a few beers inside me. If that even makes sense.

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