The end of something, the start of something: Aston Villa at Spurs

The one thing we know with absolute certainty is that Paul Faulkner wont get another job in football. Okay, we don't actually know that for certainty, but we do know that today, the season ends and the transfer window opens at midnight.

But for so many other possible reasons, the end is quite possibly near. Speculation blew up last night that Graham Taylor had said something about the club getting sold, but it turned out he'd only heard what we had heard.

But, there is growing belief that that is over for Lerner. Which in turn means it is over for Faulkner. And that means, he'll no longer be the Premier League representative on the FA Board and explains why he is desperately looking for a job.

Aston Villa at Spurs: Team news

So, this is it. In just over an hour we have a match and in five minutes we will have the team, but I'll put it on this page before publishing. But I think I'll be mostly interested to the results for Liverpool and Manchester City are. Is that wrong?

So, the players starting for us today are Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Bertrand, Bacuna, Westwood, Delph, Weimann, Bowery and Gabby. I'm not sure what the manager has in mind, but I'm not sure he has any ideas at the moment either.

On the bench we have Steer, Sylla, Holt, Robinson, Grealish, Clark and El Ahmadi.

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