Aston Villa Live: Sunderland, match banter, speculation, team news and updates

Morning all. Have you seen the competition to win VIP tickets for the Liverpool match on December 29th? If you haven't, you should have a look and even if you are a season ticket holder who will be attending and doesn't want to change seats, you can still enter and maybe give them away to the wife/girlfriends parents to get in the good books, if you win. Just an idea and you can never have enough brownie points with the wife/girlfriends parents.

Anyway, moving on. We have a football match tonight, which is nice. I like midweek football as it sort of makes the week complete and I am confident of a win also. Not because Sunderland are poor or it is Steve Bruce and he's got no bottle for playing Aston Villa, but because we are on a good run and as long as O'Neill doesn't change the team about too much, then I believe that good run will continue.

I'm not going to harp on about the result the other day either, as referencing it in terms of this match is sort of pointless - we could have beat any team on Saturday and it would still be about continuity, but because of who we beat, they will have a little extra confidence.

It's going to be about keeping that confidence in check also because Sunderland are not going to attack as freely as United and it is going to be a completely different game. However, Steve Bruce will try to play football and that will, ultimately be his undoing, because I think Sunderland might do it quite well.

So, there will be updates on Twitter later, you can watch the match here if you want to watch it online, but I have a feeling there will be a few links added later and as soon as we have some team news, we will add it also.

We can say that it is possible that Warnock won't make it and that if he doesn't, Cueller will likely go to right back and Young over to left back while James Colling takes over at centre back. Now, it shouldn't be for me to comment, but with Cueller at centre back, I think we've looked absolutely excellent and I know Collins had a good few games and has looked composed, but is it right that Cueller should be moved when actually we do have a natural right back that could replace Young, if he has to go and replace Warnock?

It isn't about right or wrong, it's about what you think. If I were Cueller, I might be a bit annoyed but if I knew the situation, that I was going to be third choice centre back and second choice right back and I had accepted it, I'd be happy, as I was playing. But he has had some excellent games. What do you think?

Right, that wasn't meant to get heavy like that. It's a little early for that, so to go somewhere a little light hearted, you can get 7/5 on Aston Villa to win tonight and for me, that is a price I just can't say no to. That is almost double your money and when you consider Sunderland couldn't even beat Pompey at the weekend and have only one once in seven games - you've got to fancy we'll win. I'm having some of it.

Right, this is the post of the day. Go enter the competition, I'm going to get an early lunch.