Spurs at Villa Park, the bliss zone and updates

It happens every week. For a few short hours I start to think we'll win. I blind myself from everything else and I convince myself that we can win. And I know, even if we do it wont matter and that the chances, and the bookmakers back this up, are that we're going to lose, I don't care for a few moments. And that is why we are where we are, we do this ourselves.

We put ourselves into this place and we accept it. We are the stupid ones. But at 3/1 for Aston Villa to win, this stupid one will have a few quid on it.

And even though I think Lambert is close to the sack, many think he can't lose today. If we lose, we lost to Spurs, so he's okay because he's not going to get the sack and those that think that, will also think that if we win today everything is now good. The worst result for us, because Spurs finished sixth last season, would be a draw.

Then you've got the other group that will come out and say, a point was a decent result because Spurs finished sixth last season. It's those that I can't get my head around. Liverpool finished second last season yet we won. But that counts for nothing and shouldn't we be top now?

Updates, team news and you're getting sacked in the morning

But I have now officially entered the zone of bliss and over optimism, so I don't care right now. I'm blind. I'm going to get some food, I'm going to have a beer and watch the Manchester match. I'm going to be here all day scanning comments, looking for links.

As and when we have team news, it will go up and if someone wants to predict in what minute Spurs fans start in with the 'you're getting sacked in the morning' to Lambert, I'll give a t-shirt away if anyone gets it spot on.

But until then, ignore the rumours about bust ups in training and don't believe anything about Keane having to hold back Lambert, because Lambert is a pussy cat and Roy Keane knows he is in line for a bumper pay day if he goes.

Team news soon and bet of the day is a double on Manchester City and Spurs to win. You'll get four times your money at Paddypower.