Aston Villa v Norwich, video, bet and why not start with Hepburn-Murphy

Today is the day. That's all I'm saying about that. It's a special day for all of us. You make up your own reason why, but I believe it. Today, I feel like a champion. Okay, it's very early and I figure if I start positively it will end positively. Someone has to try.

You see, the truth is, we all want Steve Bruce to succeed, so why can't we all start acting like it?

Do I have you confused. Well, let me make it simple. You support Aston Villa and you want Aston Villa to do well. Changing the manager now, wouldn't be good for Aston Villa and could be catastrophic - going on the statistics and using common sense. So, be default, because you support Aston Villa and you want Aston Villa to do well, even if you don't like Steve Bruce, you want Steve Bruce to succeed.

In fact, it's the default position of any supporter or fan. And it's not that I've just realised that, like I realised a few months ago that the Great Tony Xia, if he can call himself Doctor I can call him Great, is going to ruin our Club, it's that it has taken seeing so many not give him a chance to make it clear.

To the match

And if you didn't figure it out, I've got no feeling about what will happen today. I know that it's an important match for the manager and let add the players, because I don't think I've seen anything standout this season, apart from Sam Johnstone and that tells it's own story. I just want to see a win. Because a win is what it is all about today.

And there is positive news. Mile Jedinak has trained this week and there is a chance he could feature. And I think I've read a statistic somewhere but I'm not sure how true it is, but we've not won a game without him featuring in the game. If that is true, I suspect Bruce will be very keen to put him in.

There is also a chance Elmo will play, despite getting his mouth stitched up but also every chance Scott Hogan wont play, as he's 'turned' his ankle. That means in all likelihood Gabby and I am starting to think the manager has figured out Gabby. And with Kodjia still out, that is the reason why I think we might as well try Hepburn-Murphy from the start. I mean, what do we have to lose?

Hepburn-Murphy can not lose if he starts and plays for 90 minutes. As long as he runs and puts in the effort, he'll win and if that is all he has to do, how can he not win. If he manages to score or create chances for others or even show glimpses of why he is rated, then he wins. We know what we'll get with the charlatan.

Video of the day

Bet of the day

I'm whoring myself out on this Unibet offer, but if you haven't got an account, get one by clicking this link and you can bet up to £30 on us to win today and if we don't win, you get your money back. Why not not lose today, regardless of everything else that happens?