Monday night football: Aston Villa at QPR

I wasn't really joking about the title of the last post. It is quite a daunting prospect playing the team bottom of the table because for some reason, clubs that are bottom of the table or struggling tend to do quite well against us.

And I'm not sure if we do quite well against sides in any particular form. It's not as if we're known to beat sides on a good run or even average sides. We have little form that we're known for other than if you're struggling, Aston Villa is a good side to play. Which is why someone has to have woken up with the manager this morning.

He needs to be brought completely up to speed with everything that has happened the last two seasons, players that he has brought in and players that have signed recently, that he has put faith into. He needs to be reminded that we have tried to play football the right way this season but that we are still sitting back too deep and not creating anywhere near as many chances.

Because if we don't win tonight I fear that the demons will be out for him. But if we can't beat the side bottom of the table then there is something wrong.

So, if you see Paul Lambert today give him a nod and remind him that it's the 2014 and not 2012. Tell him that he brought in Joe Cole to act as that player in the middle of the park that might be able to create something and that we started okay this season, but we're sitting back to much and not wanting to win games, but getting lucky.

Updates and team news

And everything else I could write I've written before and when you start writing that about your club, manager and owner and you're still 15th in the table, things are not what they are supposed to be.

So instead, I'm just going to wait for a while. I'm going to read the papers, catch up with some emails and work on some work that I've got planned for this week. But I'm writing this post at nearly 7am and a lot can happen between now and 9.30am when I plan on publishing this post. Fingers crosses though, someone woke up with Lambert.

I wrote this post too early this morning and for some reason I had it in my head it was at Villa Park. I've changed the title of the post to reflect actually where the match is happening. Yes, I did have a few beers yesterday.