Match day baby, the owner thinks and bet of the day

It's game day baby. And the talk I heard last night and where I think it may go today, is Chris Coleman and new manager bounce. And it may just happen, because they don't come up with phrases for fun. It happens and it could.

However, Sunderland have been poor this season and they play like a team that don't care. I heard a story that a player came back from his summer break unaware that they were relegated. I'm not sure how true that is. But what I do believe to be true is that in the long term, I don't think Chris Coleman is the man to rescue Sunderland.

But that is another post and it's coming.

But to tonight and while there is always that chance of a bounce for Sunderland and they might not be relegated, I'm not sure it will start tonight. I think we might see them play with a little more purpose as is to be expected, but I'm not sure Coleman has had the time to really get them playing the way they need to, to beat other teams in the Championship.

It will be live somewhere

So, team news will be an hour before kick off and there will be streams left right and centre. Me, I'm a subscriber of AVTV and I'm not sure if it is on tonight. What I mean by that is even if it is on, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch it. But I'll find a way. Where there is a will and all that.

And even our owner thinks the service isn't good enough. But try engaging with the Club around a refund. You've got more chance of night out with Stan Collymore not ending in violence. I'm not sure why I wrote that. Sorry Stan.

Bet of the day

So, before the match and before I get into trouble with Stan or someone else, I have to have a bet today because I'm chasing money this week and like the weekend, it's my bet and my bet bet. You work out which one is which.

  • Spurs and Napoli to win. £15 returns £90.
  • Us, Brentford, Derby and Wolves to win. £15 returns just over £100. And I made a mistake in that bet.

And with that written, I've got a meeting to get to. So, see you later and drive carefully Stan.