Massive match, must win, cliche central: Aston Villa at Southampton

There is little to say today and as such I'm going to keep it short. Three points today will take us to within one point of where we need to be on my win, draw, lose forecast from when the manager took over. That has to be all we focus on today.

Every team can be beaten and it often comes down to who wants it more. Today, we simply have to show we want it more because we can beat Southampton.

So with that written, it's not for me to write anymore. It's for me to tell you of my bet of the day. And just to be clear I'm not not writing more because I've got a stinking hangover, it's because the talking should be done on the pitch.

So, bet of the day is Brighton, Chelsea, Watford and Arsenal. £25 returns £140 - get on it my son. Team news in 90 minutes.

And I would write more because you know I like to read my own writing, but hands up, you've caught me out, I'm in a bad way. I'm not actually sure I can leave my seat because when I do everything hurts. I'm off to the shops for some Nurofen.