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Lock up your cars the scousers are in town: Aston Villa v Liverpool

I want to write how you should also probably keep your daughters and family pets inside too but I think that is taking it too far. It's also only because of the way Stewart Downing left us for them that I really do want to rub his nose in it today.

And, we also have a chance too. Of the current top six sides in the country, I'm throwing Liverpool in and taking Newcastle out, Liverpool are the one side that we could beat, not just because we could get lucky, but because they don't travel well.

They've lost three times away from Anfield and while they've won the other four, they are for the taking. Last time away they lost to Fulham and while Alex McLeish is no Martin Jol, they did beat Chelsea away the game before that.

So, it is going to need a bit of luck for us to get something today, or Alex McLeish does his usual park the bus, hit long and hopes that Liverpool haven't come to win the match. We know how we are going to play - it is all about Liverpool.

Updates and team news

Most know that Alex McLeish isn''t going to take this club anywhere and the longer the club keep him, the further away they are pushing some supporters and the clearer it is becoming that this owner is only here for himself, so it really does come down to the ninety minutes again.

We just have to look for glimmers and hope that the players get it right and ignore the manager and play the way we know they can. I know it is hard, but that is what I hope for. I hope for glimpses and I hope that it comes from our players that will never leave.

I know that is naive and I know that the minute someone comes in for Clark, Bannan or Albrighton or one of the others they will be off. I know this because I know they know that our owner is only here for the money and there is no ambition. And for leaving, can we blame them?

Having Alex McLeish is a little bit like Liverpool starting last season with Roy Hodgson. They forced change and we can too. We must, for our club. But it takes time and quite possibly us forcing ownership change just like Liverpool supporters did.

Which is why it comes down to the ninety minutes, blind hope and just about the football. Which is why this page will be full of updates, bind optimism and hope today.

Team news as we get it and for those that didn't know - we are down to tenth today and the absolute best we could hope for would only see us move up to ninth, still two points away from Stoke in eighth.