Live all day: Aston Villa v Everton, team news, banter, links and match updates

This is a hugely important day and if you haven't read my post from yesterday, I urge you to and if you are going to be inside Villa Park tonight, I urge you to bring the house down for ninety minutes and make the Everton players nervous when getting the ball.

If it is still possible for Manchester United to win the league and it is, it is still possible for us to take, fifth place. Chelsea and Manchester Untied are as evenly matched as we are with Spurs - there is very little contest and I really do believe it comes down to our home games. We win all our home games we can finish fifth.

To win our home games, Villa Park needs to become a horrible place for the away team. their supporters can not be heard and their players must be jeered on the ball. The season is a war and a new battle starts tonight. all will be counted and will be called upon. I truly do believe we will win tonight if for ninety minutes the team are supported and Villa Park becomes a cauldron of noise.

Team News

We will update this particular part of the site as and when we get team news and while you might think you can predict who will be playing tonight and in what formation - I think we are going to see changes. For all the talk the last few days and weeks, I think a few things are going to have hit home with O'Neill and I think he might start trying new things.

I still think it will come down to the supporters though. I know I'm putting pressure on those at Villa Park, although not really, but I promise you, if Villa Park is like the last time we beat The Clowns, we will win tonight.

Live Updates

Throughout the day we will be updating this page, but not just in the comments section today - on the actual page. So, as and when we get something really interesting it will get a nice big header, otherwise, it will just get a time stamp next to it. I'll give you an example below.

8.12am: See, we might put the odd video on the page like this one, that put a smile on my face. {rokbox title=|Pretty Polly :: To make you feel, good| text=|Click here to watch the video.|size=|480 385| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}

8.18am: I'm sure this is clear as crystal water. I'll get my coat and I'll be back in twenty minutes after I've made some coffee.

8.30am: The usual pre-match bluster from David Moyes here. Has O'Neill said anything about Moyes yet? I'll go looking, I bet he has.

9.04am: If Pompey are successful with an appeal to the FA about playing in the Europa League next season it would reduce our chances of playing in Europe. Mr O'Neill has an opinion about that and he isn't really wrong. Click here to read.

9.10am: Martin O'Neill asks for it; Villa Park needs to become and I'm quoting the club site now a 'cauldron of noise'. It really does. Click here to read.

9.20am: While one manager is sympathetic, the other isn't. Moyes says "But if you don’t apply to go into it and don’t do the right things, then you can’t expect to be in there." Click here to read.

7.00pm: Friedel, Cuellar, Collins, Dunne, Warnock, Petrov, Webcam, Milner, Downing, Agbonlahor and Carew. On the bench tonight: Guzan, Luke Young, Sidwell, Delfouneso, Delph, Heskey and Beye.