League Cup at Villa Park and it's Wolves

I'm still away and at time of kick off I'll be in bed, probably, so after I write this post and head out for a few beers, I'll not be back online until I wake up and get to watch the match. But it's a match we have to win.

The League Cup represents one of two things we can win this season and it's what we are all waiting for. By that, I mean silverware. And it is possible, but only if we go out to win every match.

We have to start by putting Manchester City behind us because it was always going to be tough. Wolves shouldn't be tough, Wolves should be one of those matches we don't sit back in and try to score three or four more than them. It's one of those matches.

And yes, you can say there are no easy games in the Premier League (I'm using that reference because they are a Premier League club), but they're going to be more concerned with the League at the moment than we should be and we have to some extent, momentum and I'd say a better group of players.

And that is why it comes down to mindset. Not just for the match, but for the rest of the season. I'll be back in 18 hours. Until then, some reflections from the manager on the Man City result.