QPR later, Jack Grealish now and bet of the day

It always seems to be game day in this league, apart from when there is an international break and then there never seems to be any decent football. Whoever wrote that this was a very different league wasn't wrong.

Tonight it's QPR at Villa Park and three points is a realistic ambition against a side that isn't going up and isn't going down. Well, not as long as they keep doing what they have been doing.

And in that regard they've not done too badly away from home, having won six times. Okay, maybe that isn't great when you see they've lost nine times and drawn four times, but they've won 50% more games than we have away from home. Yes, that's only two, but I'm trying to in a subtle way make a point that percentages can be manipulated.

And as much as a number can be manipulated a supporters view on a player can be too. We've not see much of Jack Grealish that past few weeks because he's been injured and I'm already seeing posts on social media that people think he should maybe leave to fulfil his full potential. What utter tripe.

He's been injured - it's not like he's been dropped. And just because people haven't seen him about, people start writing this about one of the biggest talents we've had at the Club for a long time.

I accept it from some quarters, I really do. But not everywhere. And sure, players today are not what they used to be, but that is because the game is different. And yes, on TV when they know they're protected and nothing will happen, they'll act the tough man but put them in an alleyway behind the strip club and you'll see a very different person when confronted with someone that is going to slap them about a bit, but none of this means that Jack Grealish would ever be found behind a strip club or that he's not going to come good.

And yes, I put Jack in an alleyway behind a strip club there. I wont explain why. But it does wind me up. Just because he's been injured, some start suggesting he's not good enough. Don't forget that players are different these days. Jack is a child in a mans body that doesn't really know what life outside of his little bubble is really like and I don't mean any disrespect to his family, it's just that he can't really know because of the way he's been brought up. This is a long way of writing that he's just got to take that on the pitch and grow that way but that he also has to stay with Aston Villa because we know it's going to take him a little longer.

All that written, there will come a time when he either has to accept he's a squad player or not and then it's up to him. But until then, he's one of ours, don't go saying silly things.

QPR and a bet

I lost my bet the other day but Aston Villa won. I'll take that every day of the week if I'm honest because I'm not playing with the mortgage and today, I'll also be betting on us again. It just seems like a safe bet at the moment and I know you know this, but I don't like predicting on single matches, so there has to be something else in to make it interesting.

So tonight, I'm betting on defeat for QPR, Sunderland and Everton. If you bet on that match here and put £10 on it, you'll walk away with a profit of just over £30. And that isn't too bad but the odds are 3/1 for a reason, so don't jump on it with your mortgage.

Updates and team news throughout the day, but I think you know my views on this match and all other things Aston Villa at the moment, so no more needs to be written right now.

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