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It's okay to be nervous, hell this is the worst I've felt in years

I was supporting my 15 year old son yesterday, from behind the goal, as I have done for years. The odd whistle and point and the odd shout of 'chase', just the little things that keep him alert. They don't like that in Sweden.

I was asked to not stand behind the goal and to not coach. I moved to the car park and I stopped the whistles. When I went to the car to reply to an email quickly, he scored three goals. I learnt yesterday that he probably doesn't need me whistling but also that some people don't understand what football means to many of us.

Today, I woke at 5am not feeling confident, but nervous. I mean really nervous. On paper we have a better side than Derby and we are rightly the favourites. But it's eleven against eleven and anything can happen. Who really thought Spurs or Liverpool would be playing in the Champions League final and the task both of those sides faced is bigger than what we and Derby face today.

And even though I believe, the nerves are running through me.

There is a saying, maybe it's religious I don't know, but come the hour, come the man. Today, it's about this. We need to be just a little more aware during the 90 minutes and a little more in the moment. Everything has to be about what we do to win the match.

Yes, it's about wanting it but it's also about having that awareness that in any ten seconds, we can score and so can they and to have that awareness of what is happening around us and what as individuals they need to do so that the team functions at 100%. And no silly mistakes.

I believe, but I think we are all nervous. Unless you've had your first pint already and I suspect many have. Even though it's not even 9am. Back this afternoon, if I make it.