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It's about tonight, Christmas and the pub

I didn't want to write anything after the match against Norwich because nothing needed to be written by me. It's the managers second match after less than a week in the job and things are going to take time.

And that isn't me saying that tonight doesn't matter, it does. It's me saying that I don't expect to see anything tonight that can be directly linked to Dean Smith. When games come this quickly, it's going to be hard. He needs a few matches when there is a week in between.

That also isn't to say that I don't want to see things tonight that we can all say with confidence is because of the manager. It would be nice, but come on, lets be realistic, time is needed. And it also isn't going to be easy at QPR.

They started the season in horrendous form, but they seem to be turning things around. Their fans will tell you that the football can be better but they are happy, because they're winning games and scoring goals. It took second choice Steve time and it will take Dean Smith time too.

So, with all that written, what is tonight about? Well, it's about hoping we win, but we can't put too much into the performance. It's about points now because every point is starting to become more important. That happens as you get closer to Christmas. Talking of Christmas, I'm off to the pub.