Ipswich at Villa Park, better than Sunderland, a bet and a video

It's Saturday baby and that means two things for me these days, football and a cheeky bet. And things haven't gone too badly the past few weeks. I'm hoping things go good today on both fronts too.

It feels better at the moment but I'm hoping today at Villa Park, it's a better performance than the last time out as Ipswich are going to offer a lot more than Sunderland .

Results are all that matter and how we approached Sunderland, while possibly appropriate when you factor in the new manager situation, wasn't what we'd like to see today. In fact, we need to see a very different approach today. Ipswich will offer a lot more.

And we have the players and we've seen the performances this season to have hope that we can do that again today. We need to do it today. I think we will.

AVTV refunds

In other news, if you're an AVTV subscriber, refunds are getting sent. I've had an email saying my refund is coming, but I asked for it. It's only for one match but it means if you suffered also, you have to ask. This also means, if there are future problems that's what you have to do to get your money back for each match that you can't see.

In other news

Jonathan Kodjia looks to be out for the season and while I think he's a great player to have on the bench and someone to get the ball to with fifteen to go when you are chasing something, I'm not sure we're going to miss him that much but we are, I think, going to miss the option. It's going to be interesting to see who plays today and who is on the bench.

I think it also means we are going to see some required activity in January and that means we're going to have to spend if we want to strengthen our chance of promotion. That means you're going to start to read rumours soon. Be prepared for them.

Bet bet of the day

Right, with all that written, it's time for a bet and today it's not looking that easy. So, I'm going as safe as I can. It's a Manchester United and Spurs double. It's not a huge return, but it's a 50% increase on the £10 if it comes in. And you know what, that is what betting should be about. So if it comes in, I'll be happy.

For fun, I've also had £10 on Borussia Mönchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund that will return £100 if it comes in and £10 on Bayern Munich that will return another 50% if they win.

All bets placed with Unibet as normal. Get the prices here.

A message to Jack

It was only one performance and not even an entire match, but Jack, if you play today and you get the ball - don't be overly keen to give it back. You have the ability to go past players. Go past one and then have a pop. That is how goals are scored.

Video of the day