I do the title last, the wine is going to my head, Brentford tonight and the chart

You often see me apologising at the start of a post because I've not posted. I should do that today, but I wont. I wont because I've been very busy. In the last week, I've taken seven flights, I've visited four countries and even though I love football and Aston Villa is my team, it's second at the moment.

Some will like that I've written that. Some will think I'm blowing smoke up my own ... but the truth is, we're fourth in the table after five games and we're in a good place. And the sensible football fan knows that. So many would swap places with us in a heartbeat.

And we might lose tonight. We might win. For sure, something is going to happen to make some happy and some unhappy. But you know what, we're fourth after five games. I'm happy. Is it wrong to be happy?

So, I'm sitting here blowing smoke up my ... in the north of Italy and it's hot. I'm drinking a local wine that is not going to my head and I'm looking forward to the match later. Tomorrow, I might be sad or happy, but only for the result. I'll still be happy for where we are and what is possible. Maybe not for the football, but the outcome.

You know, some people say it's the journey. Me, I'd be happy if the destination was Premier League football next season.

Maybe that wine is going to my head. Wobble. Come on Villa!

The chart

Aston Villa after five games

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