I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord: Aston Villa v QPR

You know, there are times when you just know what is going to happen, even before it does and tonight, oh Lord, is one of those times. It's like, I could be surprised, but if I am, that would be a surprise in itself.

I don't want to get to down on Alex McLeish, because he's getting it from everywhere at the moment and rightly so, but I think for tonight, he deserves a break, because, oh Lord, if there is a chance to get three points, it surely is tonight.

We are playing a side that could be, if we win later, sitting in the relegation zone by close of business and while I fancy Mark Hughes will keep them up you don't get to be in the position over night and getting them out of it isn't as easy as we might think, regardless of manager.

And that is why, there could be a surprise on the cards and that surprise would be a home win, even if the bookmakers think we are the clear favourites.

If you had to put your salary on a result

But what I see coming is a draw and the price below on a draw is a good one and if you had to put your wages on it, I suspect quite a few more would put it on that result too - all prices even. It's the Alex McLeish way - more interested in not losing or unable to get the players up to go for it for ninety minutes.

Updates, team news, video of the day and odds

So, kick off is in a few hours and we will have the usual as and when we get it, so I'm going to leave with you the video of the day and some odds. I'm having a bet on a draw - but not my salary and as an aside, you might have noticed a new advert on the top right hand of the site - more on that soon, there is a story (a nice one, even if I do say so myself) behind it and there is also going to be a post or two every now and then on BT Life's a Pitch all about Aston Villa, from yours truly.