At Huddersfield, a video, some links and updates and team news

Some think it impossible. Some think we're asking too much. Me, I think we deserve it. I mean, when was the last time we won four in a row and we're Aston Villa, shouldn't we be allowed to believe we can win four in a row?

And like I wrote yesterday, we've got to turn it around sometime and for us to have a chance next season, it has to happen this season, just so we know what we've got to do next season. There are no false starts next season if we are to hope for promotion.

And if we are to believe that Steve Bruce is the right man, we also have to believe that he'll get a run going this season. So why can't it be now and why can't I have a little optimism that it will continue today. That isn't question.

And other than that, there really is little to write about the rest of this season because we know what has to happen. So while we wait for the match, we should share a few things and I'll start.

Some links

I wanted to share something other than my view. So here is the preview from the BBC - it's basically facts. They aren't predicting an away win like me.

And at this link to Unibet where you'll get 3/1 on Aston Villa to win tonight. It baffles me that someone has come up with that price. I think we're worth a punt tonight and 3/1 is a great price. Sure, I'm overly optimistic because that is my position with all things claret and blue at the moment but 3/1 for a team that has won their last three matches is a good price.

And just for laughs, there is a link here to a story about Wolves. I laughed out loud when I read Paul Lambert referring to his season in Germany. How long is he going to live off that? He's relegating Wolves and it is fun to watch, but you have to feel sad for Wolves fans. Lambert should never have left Norwich - that was his mistake; thinking he was better than he actually is.

Video of the day

Updates and team news

So with written and shared, we wait for tonight. We wait to see who plays and how the manager sets them up. It's naturally going to be interesting to see because it feels like things are starting to work. Will he change them around or does he finally have them playing the right way?

Team news will be about an hour before kick off and I've got a feeling some links might be shared below and you never know, it could be a special nice. 3/1 on Aston Villa to win - it's a good price.