Harsh but true post: Aston Villa v Arsenal

You might have thought I've been lazy this week, but the truth is I've written two posts that I just didn't click publish on. One was about the winning aptitude and why Aston Villa are where they are and that you can only really know a player when you've taken him to the rec and thrown your coats down as goalposts.

The other was about the match today and it never turned out pretty. Well, it didn't turn out pretty for Tom Fox. Things need to change and it's the people making the decisions that need to go because I fear the only way we're going to stay up this season is if we appoint a new manager and by default, if in a 12 month period a club has to have a fourth manager, someone has to carry the can and that can only be the CEO.

And I'll get it for that, but the truth is we needed to win every game in December just to start 2016 with half the points we needed to stay up, exactly half way through the season. It's starting to look like we're going to enter 2016 needing top six form for the rest of the season and that's why a serious decision has to be made. If we're in this mess with a game or two to go, I fully expect Randy Lerner to be thinking about doing what he's got to do.

It's not nice, but it will have to be going through his mind. Get rid of Fox and his merry men and get in Moyes with a temporary CEO to run the business side of things. It's harsh but true times today, I'm sorry.

But now it's Arsenal

What do you want me to write; that we need to battle or fight for every ball? The truth is we need to win because using my chart, we need to have sixteen points by the end of the year to be in with a chance of staying up. But now what do I write?

Do I write about Kozak and Traore or do I write about Jack? Kozak and Traore I think have things to prove and my biggest fear with Jack is that he got sucked up into this game at too young and age. My real fear with Jack is that he's not got the winning aptitude, but more on that another day, when I build up my confidence.

It's hard to write about Aston Villa when we're bottom of the table. In fact, I've almost accepted relegation. Not as a good thing, just as this is what is happening. And you don't want to know what I see when I look through that window. And while it wont be good for Aston Villa, I don't think it's really going to bother me. I mean, we're not exactly challenging for the Premier League. We might as well be a division below the likes of the top four or five.

It's because the game is broken. That is for all of ninety minutes today. I'll be back with team news and all that when it comes in. That is if someone doesn't beat me to it again. As for my bet of the weekend, it's $50 on Liverpool, Spurs and Leicester. If it comes in, that £50 becomes £300.