Fulham v Aston Villa: Twitter updates, football banter and link dumping

I find it difficult to get excited about these games at the end of the season when the season is over. It would be more interesting if we had less points and we were fighting for something, but we're safe in the top six, so it really should be about just having fun now.

There is no pressure on the players any more and Martin O'Neill has voiced his concerns that Milner and Gabby are going to burn-out, so expect those two to be rested, as it's just stupid to play them, with burn-out fears in mind, if they don't need to play.

The thing is, the likes of Stan Petrov and Ashley Young might also not make it as they picked up knocks in the Hull victory and Carlos Cuellar has a cold, so it might be that we see quite a few changes. Changes are good and it will interesting to see how the players that are coming in react, especially if it's the kids.

It's only changes in player names - it is still Aston Villa Football Club.

You've sort of had the team news but I will add it as soon as we get it and in the comments I'm sure they'll be a few links to where you can watch the game online but you can also look here for P2P streams and if you don't mind paying, you can click here.

But all that aside for a minute and back to the business of the day, the trip to Fulham. Did you know, we've only beaten Fulham once in the Premier League in London and that six of the last eight league meetings have been drawn. The chances of us getting a result with the likes of Milner, Gabby, Petrov, Young and Cueller not playing is slim, but the players are getting a rest and we're seeing some youngsters play, it's all good.

Okay, I'm assuming the manager is going to rest them, but he surely can't come out one day, say he's worried and then not do it, when there is nothing to play for. But no doubt he can and he probably won't rest them, but he should, but Martin O'Neill talks in riddles and I'm not convinced he knows what he's going to do yet in the match or who is going to play.

So, it will be interesting and this is now the match post and as and when we get anything interesting to link to, I'll link it below in this post, but please drop some links, to make Saturday a little more interesting, because I need it today.

Team News

Friedel, L Young, Shorey, Davies, Knight, A Young, Milner, Petrov, Barry, Agbonlahor, Carew. Subs: Sidwell, Delfouneso, Heskey, Reo-Coker, Gardner, Guzan, Clark.

Looks like good old 4-4-2 again. Prediction: draw.