Bruce on a run, Fulham and updates

We have been here before. After winning a game, we start to believe that we can go on a little run, only to be disappointed. But things are different now, or at least I hope they are. We have a proper manager for the first time in a long time who knows how this League works.

And I think we should win. We've got one of the most successful Championship managers of recent times with one of the best Championship squads of recent times and it all just seems right. A little late in the season, but who would have thought we'd be where we are with Di Matteo and after making so many changes?

And we're at home. Sure, some supporters might boo a substitute when he comes on, but it's not the whole stadium and you'll not get many that admit to it. And those that do admit to it are making themselves look stupid. It's a little like Brexit - you'll never find more people that say they voted for it, it's because people wanted out but they didn't want to be labelled that way.

But we know a lot did. It's a little like the stupid people that say they'll give the manager a chance until he gives them a reason not to. We're talking really stupid people now that think they are better placed than the most successful Championship manager. And we all know one of those people. A little like Stan Collymore.

Against Fulham

If the news is right, Elphick and Richards are out. Is it a coincidence that Elphick goes missing for a match and we win one? You know my views on Richards - he's a clown of a player and watching him reminds me of Benny Hill. Nathan Baker did well the other day, as did Gary Gardner. They're both Aston Villa players and they should start ahead of players at a similar level brought in.

I'm not saying that Elphick and Baker are on a par but I don't think Elphick should be seen as a starter just because he's had the captains armband for a few games. And I am saying that players that have come through the ranks, players that have a connection to the Club, it should mean something for them and you'd hope that might mean something on the pitch.

Anyway, I think we'll win today and I think Gardner and Baker will both start. Gabby is an example of why you should fire someone when they start to think they are bigger than the Club. I'll be back just before kick off with team news. Until then, I'll leave you with the video of the day.

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