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FA Cup: Aston Villa at Millwall

What do you want me to write; it's a massive or a must win game? Want me to tell you that defeat isn't acceptable? Well, defeat is acceptable and if you believe what you read by the local media, we could lose every game for the rest of the season and it's okay.

It isn't and I stand by what I wrote the other day that Lambert should have been sacked. But he has't been so we have to support him. If we lose tonight, he should again be sacked tomorrow morning, but if he isn't, we still have to support him.

But more on that tomorrow and why defeat has become an acceptable inevitably at Aston Villa. Tonight is about the FA Cup and there is still magic in this tournament and tonight, that magic will favour Aston Villa.

A win would be magical

You see, Millwall are having a good season and they are favourites to win in 90 minutes. A win for us would be the surprise result. Can you believe that? I know the club accept it.

And someone tweeted me something today about Lambert and tried to tell me that my issues should be with Lerner. I stopped a long time ago, as the lone voice, trying to tell people that Lerner was the issue. It is now too late, he has his claws and loans in.

Updates and team news

So, we turn to the match as kick off is in just over an hour. Team news will be listed here and there will be updates below and on Twitter. But before all that, time for a beer and a prediction and my heart says 2-0 to us but my head says 3-1 to Millwall. Have one?