At Derby and what's needed for the rest of the season

Many will say that it's too early into the season to be worried that we're not winning two out of every three games and there is a very good chance they are right. But when Leicester were promoted they won 31 of the 46 matches and today, after three matches, there are eight teams that have won two out of the first three.

I also don't think many would be that surprised if three or four of the teams that finish in the top six have already won two out of the first three. My point is, if those three or four sides keep winning two out of every three and we don't, very soon the gap will be quite big, so every game in this League is important and we need to start winning on a regular basis very soon.

If we don't, you're going to start seeing my graph and nobody wants to see that again. And you all know I don't like to fall into traps and I think the 'it's still early' is a trap in this League, because we're not playing to stay in it, we're in it or we should be, to win it.

And I believe we will start winning two out of three games very soon and it would be nice to see it starting today against Derby.

Team news and updates

So, I should tell you that this is the second time I've tried to write this post today. The first one went into a lot more detail about what is needed to win the League but I know that many would have suggested I'm getting worried too early. And that was without referencing too many changes to the playing side of things or the manager.

And it only takes a win for most. I've written about how close I was to believing on Tuesday night. Had we won on Tuesday I'd be believing we were going to win two out of every three and I'd not be worried and while I can take some comfort from how they scored, it's still only a point and that is why this isn't an opportunity today, but a very important game.

And with that written, I'll be back later with team news and a prediction. If there is anything else needed, you know what you can do in the comments.