Deluded Eric Black, not stupid and at Watford

The stupidity of a man can normally be determined by what the actions they take and they say. Eric Black said last week that supporters were unhappy with him because of his team substitutions. No they weren't. They were unhappy because of the team he picked.

But managing a football team is tough. You have to be able to take training in the week and then you want to pick a team that is going to win. And for him, he probably thinks a win is good for him. So I'm not saying Eric Black is stupid. But what Aston Villa fans want to see are the younger players, not players that for the entire season have shown they are not good enough and don't care.

What Eric Black fails to understand is his role. Right now, as caretaker manager of Aston Villa, his role isn't to win games. His role is to blood youngsters into the first team. They can only improve on what we have seen this season and points mean nothing to us now. Aston Villa supporters need hope and they're not going to see it with the older players that have relegated us.

At Watford

I have a soft spot for Watford and I've written before why, so wont go into it, but what they have done this season is nothing short of impressive. And I hope that the stories that they are looking for a new manager are not true. Staying up the first season is hard, for sure but the second is when you need some continuity. Although it could easily be argued that a more experienced manager with funds could just as easily keep them up.

And Watford is close to London, which some will have you believe is important. I don't think it is, because many footballers don't live in London, but there is an apparent appeal. But none of this matters today.

The only thing that matters for Eric Black is that he picks a young side. Not that that really matters, he's a dead man walking. He knows he's got no job when the season is over so for him, he's playing manager so for him, it possible matters.

Updates and team news

And on that - there is nothing else to write. Match kicks off in four hours, we will have the team in three.

But maybe there is something to write. What do you think the possibilities are of starting a petition to get Eric Black sacked and for the team to be picked based on a single vote poll for the remaining games of the season. Let the supporters pick the team. I know, pipe dream. But if he doesn't pick the younger players today I'm going to do it.

I mean how humiliating must it be for supporters to want you gone to allow a group of randoms to pick the team? And what a way to engage with supporters.

But we wouldn't do any worse and why not? Right, shower and pint.