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Cardiff tonight, the match of optimism and Joey Barton

For a long time I have been writing how I thought it would go down to the wire. I'm sort of coming round to accepting that it might not go down to the wire. I'm nearly convinced it's the play-offs for us.

There was an opportunity at the weekend and the truth is, we didn't take it. We decided to not take it seriously and we did what we have done a few times this season. We spent too much time with the ball and not enough time moving it forward with actual purpose.

But that's football. Sometimes, it works out as you hope and sometimes it doesn't. The opposition usually have a part to play too.

Don't get me wrong, it's not over and there is a chance, but it will take us winning every game until the end of the season and both two sides above us imploding. It might technically go another couple of matches, but to hope that something this special happens to us, would be seen by many as a little naive.

Cardiff tonight

And it's very much Cardiff that we need to slip up and with them coming to Villa Park tonight, this is when it has to happen. And I don't mean a spanking, we just need to beat them by a goal. Let them think everything is still sort of okay, but just beat them. Let this little streak continue.

But it has to be defeat for Cardiff for that flame of optimism to not go out. Flame might be the wrong word, match might be better.

Match facts from the BBC

  • Having previously won eight games in a row, Cardiff City are now winless in two.
  • Aston Villa have won 12 of their last 14 home matches against Cardiff in all competitions, drawing the other two.
  • The Bluebirds have won their last two Championship matches against Villa, winning 1-0 in January 2017 and 3-0 in August this season.
  • After a run of 10 wins in 12 Championship games, Villa have won just once in five league games.
  • Neil Warnock has lost all six of his away Football League meetings with Steve Bruce. All six with different clubs (Bury, Sheffield United, Leeds United, Crystal Palace, Rotherham and Cardiff).
  • Robert Snodgrass has scored in three of his last five league matches against Cardiff, but did not end up on the winning side in any of those games.

Rumour of the day

I'm not sure if I've written about Joey Barton on the site before but the rumour of the season is that we're interested in signing him after his ban is over. I think it's a good idea. And let me explain why.

Let me first explain that I think Joey Barton is basically scum. He's trouble and will get caught again. Maybe not gambling, but it will be fighting or drugs or prostitution. If Joey Barton was put away for murder, it wouldn't surprise me. He's a little like Jamie Carragher. Anyone that spits on someone else is scum and I'd not be surprised if Joey Barton did that one day too.

Hell, I'd not be surprised if Joey Barton has done it. The likes of Joey and Jamie are uneducated, despite how they try to portray themselves as thinkers and they'll resort to violence or sickening actions because that is all they really know. But Joey Barton might be able to help Aston Villa and you know what, it's not my money, so why not.

I mean, we're going to need free transfers if we don't go up this season because you can rest assured our owner isn't going to put in any money and before you suggest otherwise, of course he could ... if he had it. Look at what City have done, look at what Wolves have done this season. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat, if you have the tools.

But, not to mimic Joey Barton, there is nothing original above. Back later with team news.

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