Aston Villa v Cardiff, expectations, team news and updates

We need a win today. It's not a must win game or Bruce is in trouble and I feel a little stupid for even thinking I have to write that, but I think I do, but we need a win. We're 15th and five points from the top six and thirteen from second. It's just that we need a win. Do you know what I mean?

I think we will win because this is the best modern day second tier manager there is and he knows better than me that a win is needed. And this squad is more than capable of winning today. This is one of the matches, at home that shouldn't even be thought of as anything else.

And as supporters we have to start thinking that way and expecting the wins. It's our role. Or we could go into it thinking it's a tough match and anything can happen. And then maybe we wont be as disappointed if we draw.

At home against Cardiff should be three points and the bookmakers think it should be too.

Team news and updates

It's all going to come when it does, but there are doubt over McCormack and Gabby. Either way, neither are getting much of a look in or making that much of an impact, so I'm not sure either will be missed.

I think thats sad for one of them, because I had hoped when we signed him that he'd become the goalscorer for us that he was for other clubs before us, but we're not playing to his strengths and because of that, we're not seeing the returns others did. But I hope his time will come.

I think we are probably going to see Grealish start and I hope that performance against Brighton when he came on wasn't a Gabby moment. I hope he used that to kick on and not to walk around the place as is he's done it now. I think today will tell.

But team news and updates from 2pm. And a win is expected today and I'm looking forward to it.