Burnley v Aston Villa: The natives haven't eaten since Wednesday

Burnley is a horrible place and most of their supporters wouldn't have eaten since Wednesday. It really isn't a nice place and that is why they've done so well their this season. It has to change today.

They are not going to go the season unbeaten at home and yes, I have just got out of bed. Those two things are not in anyway connected but it might, in a small way, show you how my thought process is working today and understand why I am late putting up this blog post.

I've also discovered that there is no such thing as love, it is something that we have created, much like the perfect scrambled eggs that you can get in certain restaurants and they promise that eggs are the only ingredient; it is impossible. I've just tried it an I've done everything you are supposed to and the eggs still don't come out how they are supposed to.

Saturday Speculation

A huge if, but if Manchester City make a move for Barcelona right-back Dani Alves we are going to make a move, like disco Stu, for Micah Richards. I know Alves is an excellent player but Manchester City need to concentrate on what they've got at the moment. I'd love Richards.

Watching Online

The lovely chaps at VillaStreams have a new server and for one day only they also have a special offer of 33% off for all one day passes. So, for a quid, you can watch the game today. A quid. All you have to do is use this promo code: B589BA02F2 when singing up. Don't sing up three minutes to kick off and then come here asking for help. I mean that in a nice way, honestly.

Team News

We're going to add this here as and when we get it, but there is talk that O'Neill might rest Richard Dunne because he had a game on Wednesday and is emotionally drained. Rubbish I say, he'll play, he's a strong Irish man.

The Player

Before I go and try those scrambled eggs again, click here to play a game where you can be Thierry Henry. I played for France and we won 47-1 but I am in a horrible place.

New Club Website

The club have failed. First, it isn't a new website, it is merely a facelift. They can change this as many times as they want and they will continue to fail. It isn't just about how it looks. When they finally figure it out, they'll get a decent website but until then I remain embarrassed about our club website.

Message to club; leave the system you are on. You have to now believe you are capable of walking the web without Premium TV, or Perform Group - whatever they care called now. It really isn't difficult.