No easy games in this league, players getting to know each other and Brentford tonight

I read earlier that we've never lost to Brentford. It's probably true, but what a statement to make on the day of the match when there is a growing amount of unease about where we find ourselves after six games.

And while I've written that I don't buy into this 'players need time to gel' line the manager is now using it. And I'm sorry to write this, but that's not a good sign. Think about that before you leave a stupid comment below and don't forget, that I'm walking around in a state of bliss at the moment.

But I did write yesterday about how we were unlucky that Newcastle hadn't brought in any new players because if they had, they'd have needed time to gel and wouldn't be doing so well. Yes, someone bit. My point was simple; good players and a good manager, playing the right way don't need time to gel. I was writing yesterday to prove my point.

However, it's not to say that we're not going to smash Brentford tonight or that our players do actually need time to gel, but they've all got the Championship experience and they're all supposed to be very good. So asking why is it taking so long, for me anyway, is a valid question. And that is why you should leave a comment below.

But I maintain, this manager might very well be the kind that needs to have time with his players and it might be that we go on an undefeated run for the rest of the season if we beat Brentford later. And you know what, if we beat Brentford later I'm going to believe that we're going to go on an unbeaten run for the rest of the season. I want to be simple.

Quote of the day

To read too many books is harmful.

I'm reminded of that quote from Chairman Mao when I think about Aston Villa at the moment. Like our owner, I believe that we can learn a lot from Chairman Mao and as long as we tow the party line, we'll be fine. And you know that I wrote the other day and I stand by it; I'm content. I'm happy. I'm in line.

We should beat Brentford later

And I apologise if I think we should win later. I know it's wrong of me to think this way. And I know some will say there are no easy games in this League but Newcastle seem to be having a few at the moment and I think if anything, there should be easy games for us too. And not buying into the excuses, this should be one of them.

And if someone wants to write that we shouldn't expect to win, then I'm afraid if that is what you think and you're willing to stand by it, then I wont be able to convince you otherwise and you're probably a deviation from that new strain of human that was discovered.

The bottom line is we need to start winning on a very regular basis. And it will begin tonight. And while I wrote last season that I need to see three wins on the bounce before I start to feel anywhere close to confident that we're going to keep that winning run going, this season is different. I believe we will win tonight and I believe we will win the five that follow and when we have won the next six games we will then be exactly where we need to be based on the chart.

Match facts

  • Since the start of the 2013-14 season, Villa's Ross McCormack has scored more Championship goals than any other player (68)
  • McCormack has created more goalscoring chances than any other Championship player this season so far (25)
  • Brentford striker Scott Hogan has scored 10 goals in his last 10 league games for the club
  • Rudy Gestede has scored nine goals in his last nine Championship appearances (three for Villa, six for Blackburn)

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