Biggest match for many today, hoping for Tequila later

I've been staring at this page for thirty minutes not knowing what to write. I was thinking that I should write about what could happen, but we all know this. I've been writing that for the past three weeks and we all know.

And I think I summed it up in the title of the last post, it's not really in our hands, as we have to beat what Watford do today and Watford are playing at exactly the same time.

And that means more than just winning, it might mean having to win 3-0 and the players are not going to know. It could be 0-0 at Arsenal after 40 minutes, but what is to say that at half time it's not 2-0 to Watford.

And it's not just about Watford. It really isn't.

Today is the type of game that this side hasn't played before. Today is the type of game that we need to go in at half time winning 2-0 and when we come out for the second half we have to go looking for two or three more. If the players really think the game is in our hands, this is what we have to be hoping for today.

Today is as much about next season as this season. Today is the type of game that is actually quite hard to write about because much like the players haven't played this before, I don't think we, as supporters, have found ourselves in this position before.

But I do know that it's as much about next season as this one and by that I mean this match represents an opportunity for the players, as well as us as supporters, to go into next season knowing that we belong in this League. And even though it's West Ham and they're safe, we still need to go out and do it.

And if we really can go out there and show the rest of the League that we belong in the Premier League and if we confirm that, I believe our owners will provide the funds for us to bring in the two or three players that we need for next season to climb the table.

I also believe that the owners will talk to Jack and that they could convince him to stay, because they'll talk to him about having a plan and by plan I mean a strategy and that links back to only bringing in two or three players this summer, not seven or eight and starting next season pretty much how we started this season.

The match today is essentially about the players going out there and doing something they've not done before. We need to see the same type of performance that we have recently been seeing, but we need to do better and that is a tough ask. It's going to be hard, but nobody ever said this was easy. It's supposed to be hard.

I'm heading off to play 18 holes, then I'm off to the pub to take the same seat I've been sitting in the past few weeks. I'll order the same food and the same drink. If we win and stay up, I'll even be ordered a Tequila shot for the walk home.