Aston Villa at Barnsley, you can't have it both ways and Steve Bruce video

Someone commented that I have become increasingly patronising and condescending. Hand on heart, I turned that up years ago and I don't think I've increased much over the past few months. And I don't think it patronising, instead of weaving opinion into the blog, I'm just coming out and saying what I think as simply as possible.

We are in this mess for lots of reasons. Mostly the CEO's that Lerner employed and because Lerner lost interest as soon as it started to cost real money. That supporters wanted to change the manager so often didn't help. We are ultimately in this mess because Lerner owned the Club for 10 years and we had six managers. Can anyone honestly say they are surprised we were finally relegated after so much upheaval?

And if anyone says they are surprised, then I believe they are part of the problem. Simple enough for you?

So why, knowing this, do we think it a good idea to change manager again?

Ironically, it's the same people that wanted all these new players in the summer and last January that are now calling for the manager to go. It's ironic, because those that wanted the manager to have new players, don't want him to have the required time to get them playing a certain way. You can't have one without the other.

At Barnsley

Fortunately we are at Barnsley later today and there is always a little less pressure playing away. Bruce and the players will feel some pressure though, it's quite clear after all the media attention this week, but I'm convinced sensible heads will prevail, because sensible heads will understand that changing managers after letting that manager have so many new players would be ridiculous.

And when it clicks for Bruce and these players, it will come good. But supporters must also remember that the Club made so many mistakes at the start of last season that it was inevitable that we were going to stay in the Championship. And the chances of getting promoted in the second season in this League are slim, we should all be praying and doing our best to support the players and Club, not doing our best to cause further disruption.

The thing is, for those fans that are every day calling for the manager to be sacked, to give him a real chance then they'd have nothing else to talk about or Tweet.

The match

Again, I've written this before but it needs to be written again. And it's that we all want to see beautiful football where the passing is perfect, where players are making space and opportunities are every few minutes and we win all games by three goals. We all want to win silverware and be playing in the Champions League with a team of players developed through the Aston Villa academy.

But we'd all also swap it for a 1-0 win tonight. The truth is, we'd swap it week in week out for a boring 1-0 win. For some it wouldn't be long until they started asking for that pretty football I mentioned we all want and we'd be so successful that our owner or CEO might think we can make the change and just buy that way of football. But that is the nature of a football fan.

For me, I'll take the boring 1-0 win every week because I know it's not possible to play beautiful football every week and I watch enough football to get that beautiful match every now and then. I want Aston Villa to be successful, to win silverware. I don't care how we get there and you can get there playing boring football.

Today, I'm hoping for a win. Nothing more, nothing less. If it doesn't come, I'm not going to throw my toys out of the pram, because I'm a grown up.

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