At Cardiff and double your money on an Aston Villa win

It's strange to write this next part, mostly because it's the second game of the season, but there is a feeling in me that says we have to win today. If we don't, I think we're going to see a meltdown on social media from supporters and owner.

Supporters will be saying the manager doesn't know what he's doing. Some will be saying that the owner is interfering too much. Some will stop believing.

My feeling is based on having to win to stay in the pack and so we are placed to start leading it. No three points today and I feel as if we're going to be playing catch up very soon and that isn't a place you want to be if you have intentions of winning the League.


But all that aside for a moment, the thing that will have a lot of overseas fans worried for today, is if the Club can manage to arrange to show the game live via the new AVTV Live service.

I say this, because in the past they've struggled to embed a radio stream. Today it's about a live match and inside the website, despite me already paying, it's still asking me if I want to sign up for the service. It's the little things that worry me, I'm sure they'll get it right.

But if they don't, I'll be asking for £6 back. That is the cost for buying just this match, so I think it's a fair amount to ask for from my annual subscription if they don't manage to show it.

Bet of the day

And that leads me perfectly to my bet of the day. It's going to be £6 on Aston Villa to win at Unibet and the returns are £19 - that's not a bad return for a team that should win.

You can get your account and sign up here if you haven't already.

Updates and team news

I'll be back later, but with the sun up and it shining, I'm going outside for a bit for my annual exercise.