At the circus, Birmingham City, live updates and team news

I've got a horrible feeling about today because there is talk that Gabby Agbonlahor is going to be involved. And I'm sorry, I don't think he should be given another chance. He's a thief and he'd rather pay for women to entertain him, drink to excess and smoke, than put in a proper shift for the Club that has made him a wealthy man.

There are no fourth chances for people like him and if Steve Bruce puts him near that squad, he wont be helping himself.

After everything he's done, there should be no more chances and it's got nothing to do with his goal to game ratio of 4.4 or that in his best ever season, scoring 16 in 2009/10, two midfielders scored more than him or that since that season, he's scored 34 goals in six seasons. He's not very good.

If you think otherwise, you're part of the problem. Bruce can not let him near the team, because if he does it wont be good. I just hope Bruce can see past the Gabby PR machine. Gabby is our very own clown and he should have been sacked a long time ago.

At the circus

I've got the Gabby thing out of the way because when I think about today, I see us winning and when I expand that view I don't see Gabby anywhere. Whenever I put him in, I don't see us winning. I could be wrong, it happens every now and then, but he shouldn't deserve it and by getting into the squad and near the bench, it just shows to everyone else, rules don't matter. Not the message a new manager wants to set.

And I trust Steve Bruce to do what is right and the numbers from the past six seasons speak for themselves.

What we need today is what Steve Bruce is all about and I'm sure that's what we will get. He's got the experience in this League and this match and he will get across how important it is. We've also got, man for man, better players. This match should be a formality, but we know this match is always a little different. But if Bruce can get the players focused, I have no doubt we will win.

And that is what we should all think. The clowns are over achieving with a decent manager. Today should be about going there, doing a professional job and going home with the three points. And enjoying the atmosphere because I'm sure it will be good.

Updates and team news

So that's where I'm going to leave it as I've got kitchen prep for my pie later. But I'll be back in plenty of time for team news and then the match. And if it isn't obvious I am predicting a win, because all things considered, this should be a formality for us. If it's not, it's because Bruce couldn't get the players in the right frame of mind and I just can't see that happening as he's got the experience of this match and this league.