A test at Norwich, live updates, team news and a bet

Going to Norwich shouldn't be a test but that I write it, I suppose you can say that I think it is. But it's not because it's Norwich, it could pretty much be any away match tonight. The test is winning away after the performance from the last match.

Yes, it was just about the win in the end against Wigan, but the performance didn't inspire confidence and Norwich are not going to be easy. They're at home and they're within touching distance of the top six. And we can't be happy with a point.

But I suspect some would be happy if that was offered right now. Accepting points away from home though is only going to keep us in the Championship. It's not good enough and we have to get past that taking a point away. Sorry if you think I'm talking down, it's not meant to sound that way.

But if we're to go up, we must win at places like Norwich because they are one of the sides we are going to be competing with, quite probably in the play-offs.

But that is just my humble view. We're going to see the view of the manager and the players later. And I have a good feeling. But I'm an optimist and it's Christmas and all is good.

Updates and team news

So, while I sit here and relax with my thoughts (anyone know what film) and place a bet for later, it's time to share predictions. I think you know mine, only because I'm in that frame of mind.

Team news is coming and I do believe we're going to be going to bed tonight happy. Until then, my bet of the day is on us, Arsenal and Bournemouth. £10 pays £160 - not a bad return if it comes in.