Bet bet, Aston Villa at QPR and video

All good things come to those that wait. Wait, just a minute young man, did you say you can sit with the Chairman? How sad has football become that sitting with the Chairman, on the back of something he did on Twitter, has become a campaign and a campaign not just to sit with him, but about selling tickets.

I appreciate that people will enter because it's a free ticket but do they really want to meet him or is it the free beer? And I wonder how he feels that something he started to engage with supporters has turned into something commercial. Something good and wholesome has become part of the machine. I appreciate that is what it is these days, but why does it have to be so obvious and dare I say it, cheap.

But I shouldn't moan at how supporters can be easily sold to or purchased. It's football today. Everyone has a price. Hell a few years ago, I sold my soul and all the content for this blog and while some will say the price was worth it, I don't. I feel cheap now.

But none of that matters as it's Saturday and it's football today and I've written two posts this week where QPR have been mentioned, so I need not write any more on the subject. What I can do is embed the press conference video and place a bet. You all know how I like a bet.

Video of the day

Bet of the day

I have to hold my hands up and admin that my bets haven't been as successful of late as I'd have liked. And I'm down this season and even though I know it will come good by the end, because I'll buy the wins, I've got to start playing sensibly in public. So today, there are two bets. My bet bet and my bet.

All bets are with Unibet and you can get the prices I have or an account by clicking here. Yes, I earn cash if you sign up and spend but it's not much. The hope is that one day that Bill Gates, when scrolling through the latest post gets inspired by a bet, places it by using my link and signs up because he doesn't have an account.

I know it's not going to happen but you can dream. But here are the bets:

  • My bet is Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. £10 returns £28.
  • My bet bet is Spurs, Huddersfield and Crystal Palace. £10 returns £380.

  • And my Championship bet, that I've just decided to have is a secret, unless it comes in. But it's £10 to return a possible £99.

And on that, seeing as it's Saturday morning and early and I'm about to watch my son play, I'll leave you to your Saturday routine and see you back in a couple of hours to watch Spurs beat Arsenal.