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At Preston, a mince beef and onion pie and three points

I don't know why anyone trusts what they read in the papers or on the websites of those papers. Reporters are paid to write what their publisher tells them and so much of it is just rubbish. I write this because one paper this week has said the manager has two games to save his job. What absolute rubbish.

The local papers are just as bad these days. They know nothing. Sure, they might hear something in the press box, but they're as close to the players as you and me and managers and owners dislike the press as much as we do. For me and only using common sense, the CEO has probably got someone lined up. But if the manager didn't win today, nobody would be surprised if he was let go tonight or tomorrow morning.

But if he won, there would be a little hope with some of us that he could win the next and the next and the next and the next. Some want Aston Villa to lose if it means Steve Bruce getting the sack. That's just wrong.

Match facts from the BBC

  • Aston Villa have lost one of their past 17 home matches against Preston in all competitions - a 1-0 defeat in November 1968.
  • Preston have won one of their previous 13 matches against Aston Villa in all competitions.
  • Villa lost their last home league game against Sheffield Wednesday. They have not suffered consecutive home defeats since February 2017.
  • Preston are winless in their last nine league games, having lost each of their last four while conceding three goals.
  • Villa have won a league-high nine points from losing positions in the Championship this season.


Me, I just want the win, regardless of everything else. I want Aston Villa to win because Aston Villa are my Club. I'm sure the CEO wants us to win, I know Steve Bruce wants us to win. I'm not sure if it really matters to all the players, although none of them would say they didn't want to win.

It's because that what supporting your team used to be about. It's not all about that anymore ... read the comments below if you want proof. I'm going to have a Leffe Blond and put my mince beef and onion pie in the oven. The kids like it when I make a mince beef and onion pie and I'm feeling good about today, so much so I'm having a bet on us to win.