Disappointed last week, important today

I had written a new post twice this week but then didn't publish it. The reason was because there seems to be so much negativity towards Aston Villa on this site and from what I see on social media, that it didn't seem worth it.

I mean, we're fifth in the League and if we do go up this season we're not going to have it as good again unless we get relegated and I suspect if that happens, it might not even be as good.

And everything else is irrelevant. You play in the League you are in. If it's that important to be supporting a team in the Premier League, then support someone in the Premier League. And when you started to get interested in football or playing at school, it wasn't beautiful football that got you excited, it was winning games and scoring goals.

But not anymore.

At Derby

So instead, I just look forward to the match and a win today could see us go third. It's a big ask all things considered but it's possible. We have the players and we have the manager. But Derby are doing well and they have a manager that I think many would quite like.

So other than my opinion above, that's it. I'm waiting for the match. I'll be back with team news an hour before kick off.

Steve Bruce