At Bristol City, deleted tweets, team news and updates

It's too early in the season to panic. I've seen that written a few times of late. And I agree. That we are using the word panic though suggests, it's the next place we are heading. Why can't we just have a moment or two without having to think like this?

I know the majority like the new owner, but the majority wanted Paul Lambert and the majority were convinced that Tim Sherwood was going to take us to the next level. I apologise in advance for writing this, but I'm in the camp that are extremely wary of the new owner.

And those thoughts about Lambert and Sherwood, that was from a tweet someone else made. It isn't just me.

But it is important to win today and win with some flair. And yes, if we don't some will use some very good excuses, but they can't be used for much longer.

It's important for the manager to start winning, because when you add everything up; the owner, supporter expectations and the real world, if we don't start winning very soon, regardless of what some will say today, they'll start to turn on someone and despite appointing Di Matteo and despite Di Matteo not having the requisite experience when that appointment was made, they'll turn on him and not the man that made the wrong decision.

Some news

Right, time for something real. Joe Bennett left yesterday and Tony Xia was telling us on Twitter how he was trying to help Joe not ruin his career. The exact tweet, another that he has deleted by the owner (how many is that now), is below.

I did my best 2let someone not ruin his career. I guess those without respect & appreciation to others won't get any success. We see now.

Now, I'll leave it with you, but what could he possibly know that would help Joe Bennett not ruin his career?

To the match

So I wrote about why I think we will beat Bristol City yesterday; they've only played promoted or relegated sides and got the expected results from all four and we have a squad that should be scoring four or five against them.

Anyway, updates and team news soon. I'm going to get a drink.