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Aston Villa v West Brom: Updates, team news, a t-shirt and banter

For some, this is bigger than The Clowns and so it should be, when you consider location and history of West Brom. I prefer beating The Clowns personally, as they're a horrible bunch, but they no longer eat at the big table, so this is the one this season.

We need to win today and not just for local bragging - we need to win for the three points and every player has to want to play for this manager.

And if they do - if they run for 90 minutes and chase every lost cause, fight for every ball and look to create opportunities, we will win - because we have better players and we have the home support.

So, not wanting to take up too much of your time, I'm going to leave you with a video. I'm going to tell you you can watch the game here if for some reason you are stuck at your PC today and if you want, you can follow updates on Twitter here.

I'd also like to promise you that you will get the team news here as soon as it happens, but every week someone beats me to it. Today, whoever beats me to it, gets a t-shirt. So, about an hour before kick off, check the comments, if you want the team.

Come on Villa. No messing today. A boring 1-0 please, but three points. Although I'm expecting something a little more frantic.

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